Capone NOW and THEN

back in the days in 1999 when andras started doin' the first own styles, no one ever thought that we'd rather survive more than one year.
makin' moves was one of our first slogans and this is what we actually did - we made moves to establish, made moves to survive. we considered ourselves as a hiphop and grafitti rooted brand, transporting this streetculture through our styles. artists such as jan delay, dialeted peoples and capone'n'norega wore our styles in these days.

it took us some time, but after only a few years you already could get our styles nationwide throughout a lot of shops and onlinestores such as

we entered sports as boxing and basketball, some teams proudly bear our famous name and got famous themselves.

then in 2003, we started addin' some sophisticated girl styles to our nervous bboy male collection.
suddenly we got chique. at least the girls got.. so by that time we became a real brand, supplying boys and girls with a full and complete range of styles so that you could dress yourself from top to buttom with our styles.

since then and for all time we promised ourselves to be true to our school.
we are not haut-couture, we don't follow the trend - we may absorb some.
fashion is development, we vary and transform our image, we turn our image to something revolving new.
but we stick to our roots, we know where we are comming from.